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About Us

Every session is designed to work on a clients individual needs.  One size does not fit all.  By evaluating your gait, posture, flexibility, balance, cardio endurance, recovery, strength, agility, and propreoreception, we can identify weakness and prioritze their reformation.   



If you are in need of contsrtuctive and instructive private training look no further. Beginning with dynamic bodyweight cardio, footwork agility technique, plyometric form, and interactive medicine ball routines, we will establish a healthy base.  


Soon progress and a foundation will allow us to train in more sport oriented methods. Introducing drills from, boxing, football, basketball, and track and field, routines become more dynamic. Gains become ampified.  


High Intensity Training is for the best of the best.  At a 4 to 1 work to rest ratio this is the goal.  See you there.

            GROUP TRAINING


Together we suceed.  Together we grow. Group excercise classes focus on strength and conditioning with an empahasis on teamwork and communication.  


Developing healthy support networks is an example of how we set ourselves up to succeed.  Real people supporting and encouraging real people.  


Classes meet twice a week.  Won't you join us?  

           FOOD GUIDANCE


So you want to eat healthier.  What does that mean?  Together we tackle and demystify food.  


From understanding the origins of our habits, awakening to our mindless v. mindfull consumption, creating defined floors of bad habits, and altering our perspective of food (caloric denisty v. nutrional density) we can stop the yo-yo weight loss cycle.


Lastly, let's cook.  When you make what you eat you save money and connect more with all aspects of your food's origins.   

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